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Homes are More Affordable in 44 out of 50 St...

Jun 21, 2018
With both home prices and mortgage rates increasing this year, many are concerned about a family’s ability to [more]
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3 Issues Facing Today’s Real Estate Market

Jun 20, 2018
Last week, the National Association of Real Estate Editors (NAREE) held their 52nd Annual Journalism Conference in [more]
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Top 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t FSBO

Jun 19, 2018
In today’s market, with home prices rising and a lack of inventory, some homeowners may consider trying to se [more]
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How A Lack of Inventory Impacts the Housing ...

Jun 18, 2018
The housing crisis is finally in the rear-view mirror as the real estate market moves down the road to a complete r [more]
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Are Lending Standards Too Loose…or Too Tight...

Jun 14, 2018
With home values appreciating at record rates, some are concerned that we may be heading for another housing bubble [more]
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Parents Say Kids’ Opinions Matter Big When B...

Jun 13, 2018
A recent survey conducted by Harris Poll and released by SunTrust Mortgage found that “55% of homeowners with [more]
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